Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Obsessed With Purple Lips- Topshop Lip Cream | Double Take

For the most part of my 23 years I have been utterly discombobulated (oh hell yeah) with lip products. I knew I didn't really like the gloopies, and that the whole Creme Cup look is odd on me. But after a few months of experimentation and some quite memorable make-up faux pas I found my safe ground amongst the reds and corals. Recently there's been a bit of a game changer to my usual lip larder, Topshop's Lip Cream in Double Take. The ignition to my purple lip obsession- I flaming love it! 

This product ticks so many boxes for me. Firstly it smells mucho delicioso, the strong scent of vanilla cupcakes hits you as soon as you open the applicator and has you literally turning to the person next to you saying, "Phwoar, have a whiff of that!" Its just so yummy. 

Once you manage to tear the wand from under your nostrils the application is simples. The doe foot applicator allows the product to glide on easily, for a one, max two stroke application which leaves a nice opaque purple on your pout. 

As for the texture is as it says, a nice thick cream which injects a nice amount of moisture when applied, none of that dreaded stickiness or gloop. Just happy little lippies. As it is a cream it doesn't grip to your lips so I would recommend using a lip liner beforehand and maybe even a quick powder after for some extra staying power. Lastly as gorge as it is, this baby can be very transferable when still wet so be sure to give your teeth a gook licking before heading out.

For me the colour is perfect and truly unique to anything on the shelves of Boots or Superdrug. A happy purple not at all vampy just cute, pretty and  damn sexy with a smokey bronze eye. I love that there isn't a glint of shimmer in sight. Just a gorgeous, bright block of 'Topshop girl' colour.

Are you a Purple Pout fan? Any recommendations for my new obsession?

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Video | How To Contour For A Fabulous Full Pout

Recently I have been loving experimenting with conturing. The fact that with a little bit of make-up trickery you can have a slimmer face, higher cheekbones or in this case big plump lips makes me very excited. 

I had to share my little lip trick with you all. A few simple steps to make my usually quite plain pout appear fuller and a whole load sexier. It's not groundbreaking stuff but it works nicely on me. Enjoy, and of course please subscribe if the sudden urge to appears. 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Time For An Update

Oh my gorgeous internet chums, how I have missed you all. 

In usual Bhavi fashion I have been consistently infrequent with my blog posts. Will I ever learn to post regularly? Probably not. But hey when I do come…ooh innuendo alert...I come hard! 

Since I have been missing quite a while it would only be fair for me to explain my whereabouts for the past few weeks and what I've been up to in this little life of mine.           

 Yes, three months later I have finally reached the end of the epic emotional adventure that is Breaking Bad! Little Jesse & Mr White pretty much ruled my Christmas and season 3 & 4 were demolished back to back in a few days straight. Once I hit season 5 I have to say I got kind of bored. I’m glad I committed and stuck it out though as the ending was kind of awesome. Now that’s done and dusted I’m on the hunt for a new TV show to dedicate my life to. Suggestions are very much welcome. If you haven’t yet jumped on the Breaking Bad bandwagon definitely give it a go. I wasn’t keen on the first couple of episodes, but after a while it’s hard to tear away from- totes understand the hype. Do it, Bitch!

Work, work, work. Jan & Feb was a really busy month at the place where I work. As I work in events we pretty much work on a continuous cycle of pre event mayhem, event mayhem and a couple of days of post event calm before the cycle starts all over again. We held one of our largest events mid-Feb which was quite a big deal for me as it was the first time I had full responsibility as a proper events coordinator. A few things went wrong here and there but overall it was quite the success. I’m not one of those people who are naturally good at things but I feel like I’m growing and becoming more confident which makes me very pleased and maybe even a little bit proud.

 Since the beginning of time we have been redecorating our family home. We moved in around 7 years ago and started the big referblishment around September 2012. As we (mainly my hero of a Dad) do the majority of the work ourselves it has been a snail paced project which can be really bloody  frustrating at times, at the moment we have no kitchen, just a room of rubble and a microwave in our living room. Terrible for my waistline, KFC anyone? But it is exciting thinking of the end result and I do feel  very lucky to be soon living in a spanking new house (pretty much). Our house takes up all of our weekends, choosing tiles, picking kitchens, changing our minds and starting all over again. Hopefully it will be done in the next year. If not I may have to consider moving out. Haha joke, I can’t afford to move out. *weep*

The Bhavi, Alex journey has hit a stretch of rocky road. The three hour distance between us  and busy schedules have been taking their  toll and we are currently trying to work out what is the best route for us to take. Something which is really strange and painful to face but I guess has to be done. For now we are both taking some time to focus on ourselves, something I guess we both needed to do after two years of being focused on each other and our relationship. Since my blog is pretty tiny I feel quite comfortable talking about things like this on here, if any of you have any advice or have been in a similar situation please do let me know and give a sister some help!

Lastly yes, I have now succumbed to spreading MyLushBox over on to YouTube which actually really excites me. I’m still a blubbering mess on camera but I actually really enjoy it so far, especially the editing and seeing my blubbering turn in to a viewable video. Some people are a bit confused as to why I’m doing this and what the point is. To be fair the only answer I have is because it’s fun, and if you do feel it’s weird that I enjoy sitting in my bedroom talking to a camera then uploading it online for the world to see then I agree, it is a weird concept. But it’s also quite fulfilling making things an thinking of what to talk about. I also feel it’s helping my brain- mouth coordination which desperately needed work ok so thumbs up to that.

If you would like to see me in full motion picture then CLICK HERE! I will also post any new videos to my blog.

So that’s all folks, my life in a nutshell. Admittedly not the most thrilling but hopefully now that the Sun’s come out for a big I will have some more exciting stuff to throw your way.

Love you long time bitches!

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